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Tax break up

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The Government of Jammu and Kashmir has responded to the political parties and to the fears of common people about the imposition of property tax here.

Government said that a 5 year old residential house with a built up area of 3500 Sft in Channi area would be assessed to Rs5374 property tax for one year. Small shops shall have to pay very small amounts with the example of  a small shop in the old city area of Jammu with area of about 200 Sft which is only 0-20 years old would be liable to pay tax of only Rs 838 per annum.

In this regard Chief Secretary directed the Deputy Commissioners to create awareness in their areas by giving such real examples of calculation of the tax for different properties in their ULBs of the district. He observed that the misinformation created among people should be addressed by taking them along. He asked them to involve the elected representatives and civil society members in dissemination of the information and actual objectives of imposing this tax here.

He impressed upon the officers to create awareness among the public for removing misconceptions. He told them to create a helpline for the masses which would disseminate the correct information about this matter. He urged them to come up with a simple ‘Property Tax calculator’ for people so that they themselves are able to assess the actual amount they are liable to pay.

It was also mentioned that the economy of J&K has been doing well and the unemployment rate as per GoI data has shown a healthier trend.  The per capita income of people of J&K is amongst better States/UTs.

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