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The Government of Jammu and Kashmir has recently approved a Rs 30.40 cr project to introduce sensor based smart agriculture so that farmers can use the latest technology to get more profits from the markets.

The outcome of the project will be a 50-80 per cent increase in resource use efficiency, the development of a sensor-based grading and sorting system of apples and development of a decision support system (DSS) for pest and disease management. The real-time detection and variable rate spray using robotics and drones will reduce the production cost by 80 per cent. The proposal also aims to build a sensor corridor for livestock and phenotyping and yield prediction.

The project is one among the 29 projects, which were approved by the Jammu and Kashmir administration after being recommended by the UT Level Apex Committee for holistic development of Agriculture and allied sectors in UT of J&K.

Livestock rearing is currently done in poor environmental shelter, so there is a need for a sensor-based monitoring system for the shed environment and an auto-management system for tagging of animals for identification. Thermal/Pedo Sensors based heat detection and IoT-based sensors can be used for Phenotyping and health management and yield prediction of livestock.

Digital transformation in agriculture is one of the potential areas to mitigate the challenge of increasing output by 60 per cent by 2040 to match the ever-growing population. The investment in Agri-Tech reached $4.6 billion in 2015, with recent studies showing that the sector’s growth is inevitable. However, there are still challenges that need to be addressed to ensure that digital transformation can make a significant impact in agriculture. One of the primary obstacles is the lack of access to technology and digital infrastructure in many rural areas, which is a crucial problem that needs to be addressed.

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