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Sustainable development

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Fish farming in Jammu and Kashmir will get a boost as the government has a program to increase trout production and farm production.

The successful implementation of the project will not only promote sustainable development of fisheries but also contribute to nutritional security, employment generation, and economic prosperity in the UT of J&K. It will also strengthen social security and welfare measures for the fishing community, by ensuring that the benefits of the programme reach the grassroots level. The Technical Programme has been designed to address the challenges faced by the sector, and provide a comprehensive solution to improve fish and fisheries development in the UT of J&K. By leveraging modern technologies, R&D, and market linkages, the programme aims to create a self-sustaining and vibrant aquaculture industry in the region.

The success of the project will not only benefit the fishing community and the aquaculture industry, but also contribute to the larger goal of sustainable development in the region. The programme will enhance the availability of nutritious and affordable fish for the local population, which will improve their food security and nutrition. It will also create job opportunities and boost the local economy, which will contribute to the overall development of the region. The UT government’s initiative to promote fish and fisheries development through technological interventions is a step in the right direction, and it is hoped that it will serve as a model for other regions to follow.


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