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Dairy Industry

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Dairy Industry is the focus of J&K administration and they have tried to introduce dairy production in the big rural areas.

Under the new program J&K government has decided to boost the dairy industry with artificial insemination.

J&K Govt poised to achieve remarkable growth in milk productivity from 2380 litres to 4300 litres by 2027 according to the latest efforts.

Jammu and Kashmir is home to a thriving bovine industry, with about 31.45 lakh bovines the region accounts for 1.04% of India’s total bovine population.

Out of the total bovine population, 10.90 lakh cattle and buffaloes are considered breedable and have the potential to contribute towards the region’s milk economy.

As per ISS-2020-21, the annual milk production in J&K is 25.94 lakh MT and the average annual milk production per cow in the region stands at 2380 litre, which is higher than the national average. The milk economy in J&K is valued at ₹ 9080 cr which plays a crucial role in the UT’s agri-economy. Dairy farming is a major source of livelihood for many rural families and is constantly growing, with a focus on increasing milk productivity under CSS-RGM, and improving the quality of milk besides upgrading of milk collection, processing and marketing infrastructure under CSS-NPDD.

The dairy industry in J&K holds immense potential for UT’s economy, providing employment opportunities and contributing to the local population’s well-being. With the increasing demand for dairy products and the per capita availability of milk being lower than many milk potential states, the dairy sector is poised for significant growth in the UT in coming years.

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