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Green assets

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With the help of village panchayat plantation committees, the social forestry department is creating green assets at the village level for the benefit of the people.

Plantation units have been established in many villages of Jammu and Kashmir and the fodder would be distributed among the villagers.

The plantation assets are yielding benefits to local people in the farm of Grass and leaf fodder, fuel wood and small timber on an equitable basis which is catalyzing the economic well being of rural people. The Executive Committee sanctions and monitors various afforestation activities being funded under CAMPA in Jammu and Kashmir.

Recently officials conducted an extensive field visit of Jammu, Kathua and Samba districts along with senior officers of the Social Forestry Department, met members of more than a dozen Gram Panchayats of these districts and inspected the plantation works established in various Gram Panchayats.

The collaborative working between Social Forestry and Gram Panchayats is an apt example of responsive local self governance which can help accelerate the pace of development in rural areas besides making GPs self-reliant.

Officials were highly appreciative to note that afforestation activities are not only ensuring continuous flow of free benefits like fodder, fuel wood to villagers but Gram Pancahyats are earning substantial funds as proceeds of mature plantations which are being used for development works by Gram Panchayats.

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