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Rural livelihood

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In order to change the lives of people living in the rural areas of Jammu and Kashmir, the government is working on new projects to make it reality.

Recently a new scheme with an outlay of 5013 crore over the next five years was approved for rural livelihood.

The committee working in a mission mode came with a comprehensive plan in the form of 29 projects covering all the sectors within the ambit of APD in a record time of 5 months, an official said.

These twenty-nine projects will almost double the output of the sectors, boosting exports and making the sectors sustainable & commercially viable, an official said and added that these gains shall be equitable, reaching the last person in the pyramid and ecologically sustainable through efficient use of bio-resources for food, feed & industry.

As per the officials, the agricultural output which stands at Rs 37600 crores shall increase by over Rs 28142 crores to reach more than Rs 65700 crores per year, with a resultant increment in sectoral growth rate to 11%. The interventions shall create employment opportunities for over 2.8 lakh youth and establish around 19,000 enterprises. Apart from this, more than 2.5 lakh persons shall be skilled in various agri-enterprises ranging from seed production, precision farming of vegetables, bee-rearing, cocoon production, mushroom farming, integrated & organic agriculture, high-density fruit farming to processing, dairying, sheep & poultry farming as well as fodder production.

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