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Buyer seller meet

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Recently the J & K government conducted a buyer-seller meets in Jammu and Kashmir and hundreds of growers and farmers participated in it. They found new opportunities and buyers in this meeting conducted by the government. Participating buyers appreciated the initiative of the department which will provide an exclusive opportunity to interact directly with the growers/farmers. Speaking on the occasion, ACS appreciated the initiative of the HP&M department for conducting such events and accentuated the fact that these help understand our weaknesses and strengths which ultimately helps in providing a better business environment.

He said that the government has launched a holistic agriculture development programme in J&K. The conceptualization, formulation and approval of the massive transformative mission to reform agriculture and allied sectors in J&K was finalized and translated on ground in just 5 months of time, he added.

Pertinently, the humongous exercise began with the constitution of Apex Committee under the Chairmanship of Mangla Rai by the Lieutenant Governor and culminated with the finalization of transformative mission for holistic development of agriculture and allied sectors in J&K with the potential to transform the subsistence agriculture of J&K into sustainable commercial agri-economy.

He said the approved plan comprising 29 project proposals shall push agriculture and allied sectors to a new trajectory of growth with economy, ecology and equity as its guiding pillars, he shared. He also announced that the government has taken up the task of providing GI tagging to another 20-25 products that will give us an edge in the international markets. Besides, a high-level committee has been set up to take steps for export promotion of our significant products.

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