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With the implementation of NEP-2020, the J & K government has decided to implement Student Assessment and Evaluation Scheme (SAES) from the coming academic session.

With the new curriculum and pedagogical structure of 5+3+3+4 adopted as per the NEP-2020 guidelines replacing the 10+2 pattern in school education, the new assessment and evaluation scheme takes effect right from the foundational stage.

The ‘Foundational’ stage comprises the first five years of education, the next three are ‘Preparatory’ followed by another three years in the ‘Middle’ stage. The final four years included the grades 9th and 10th in Phase-I and 11th and 12th in Phase-II under the head ‘Secondary’ stage.

The contents of the evaluation mechanism at every level, including the standard operating procedures, are detailed in a 12-page document signed by Alok Kumar, Principal Secretary Education who also serves as the Director of SCERT.

The foundational stage’s evaluation and assessment procedures are to be carried out by the heads of the schools using the models outlined in the school-based assessment (SBA) document by the NCERT/SCERT.

The evaluation and assessment of the Preparatory and Middle stages would also be conducted by the heads of the schools using assessment tools and model question papers prescribed by the SCERT.

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