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New path

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National Education Policy has created a new path for the students to have the skill training and get their education in accordance with their needs at National and global level.

Recently LG Manoj Sinha launched many initiatives for the implementation of NEP-2020.

The recommendations implemented in the UG Program of all the colleges from the 2022-23 session will bridge the gap between theoretical knowledge & practical skills, provide resources and choice for research and flexibility in completing degree programmes.

He highlighted the transformation taking place in the education sector under the leadership of Hon’ble Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi. He said: The future higher education & learning will be more dynamic, adaptable and personalized like a liquid learning model platform to seamlessly blend the ideas from different disciplines to prepare students for varied & comprehensive knowledge in a rapidly shifting world.

He emphasized that Teachers-Students need to capitalize on the advances in Science & Humanities for reorganizing classrooms and working world experience with focus largely on research and values that provide skills and knowledge relevant for today and tomorrow.

National Education Policy promotes collaborations between disciplines to foster innovation and creativity. In future sustainable technological advances will be driven by people having an interdisciplinary approach.

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