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Transparent system

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The J & K government is trying to establish a transparent system on the ground so that the villagers can decide about the development and about the schemes to be given to them for maximum results.

Recently in a border village of Jammu LG Manoj Sinha said that the development at the panchayat level is becoming visible with the participation of people.

Noting that the days of indiscretion and arbitrariness are over, he said, “we have established fairness and transparency in the system to remove the development imbalances and to weed out nepotism and corruption. Today, a transparent system is giving a boost to J&K’s economy and making its growth sustainable”.

It is our firm resolve to improve the implementation on the ground. A lot has been achieved in the last three years with speedy implementation of the projects, and we continue to invest in schemes to make rural J&K self-reliant and to increase incomes by creating more self-employment opportunities at the local level.

He said that it is our endeavour to realise the vision of the Prime Minister to encourage the participation of all citizens to be part of the decision-making in order to steer the engine of development and change the socio-economic landscape of rural Jammu Kashmir.

Highlighting that employment, health, education and improving the productivity of the people are among the focus areas of the government during Back to Village, he  said a target has also been set to identify 15 young boys and girls from every panchayat for Self-employment assistance and 20 youths for skill development.

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