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Progressive industrial policy

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Change in the industrial policy to J&K administration under the guidance of the central government has brought new investments to Jammu and Kashmir.

Jammu and Kashmir has a huge potential to emerge as a powerhouse of prosperity with the progressive industrial policy which has brought investment of almost 4 times in just three years than what was received in the last 72 years. The golden period of industrial development of Jammu and Kashmir has been ushered in through the new Industrial Development Policy of the Prime Minister.

The progressive industrial policy of J&K made under the guidance of the Prime Minister, holds the immense potential and opportunities in different sectors to start industrial and business ventures that would also create job opportunities for the youth.

In the last three years, the Government has established a business-friendly climate for investors and J&K has emerged as one of the favourite destinations to set up industries and other business ventures. The aspirations of J&K youth have been synchronised with the aspirations of the country today and the golden period of industrial development of J&K has been ushered in through the new industrial development policy of the Prime Minister.

Due to the seriousness of the Government, an overwhelming response was received for investments under recently announced new Industrial Policy which will create lakhs of employment opportunities for the youth.

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