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The J & K administration in the past few years has been busy in making the sports infrastructure across Jammu and Kashmir.

They want to realize their vision of making J&K, a power house of sporting talent.

Unprecedented progress being witnessed on the ground, due to the periodic review meetings, government of Jammu and Kashmir have been able in the establishment of making world class sports infrastructure, facilities across J&K.

The growing sports culture in J&K is reflected in the remarkable revolution happening across Jammu and Kashmir in different sports disciplines.

In the last three years, the government has ensured unprecedented progress in the establishment of world class infrastructure, career progression as well as the future of the players. The new policies and initiatives of the government have established an enabling environment for sportspersons which was non-existent for the last 70 years.

Earlier, merely two to three lakh youth used to get opportunities for participation in sports every year, but the J & K Government set a new record and 17.5 lakh youth were provided the opportunity to participate in sporting activities last year.

The Government has set itself a target of providing sports opportunities to 35 lakh youth. The FIFA standard renovated and upgraded Bakshi Stadium has been dedicated to the young players and play fields have been established in all Panchayats. Womens’ teams for Rugby, Football, Cricket, Volleyball, Kabaddi and Hockey have been formed in all 20 districts.

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