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Good Governance Index

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Tourism industry in the past one year has shown that this factor is back on track. Healthy footfall of tourists in Jammu and Kashmir has even brought an impact on rural tourism.

In Srinagar city most of the hotels and houseboats have shown that they are booked in the current season.

Jammu and Kashmir is first to launch the District Good Governance Index. Tourism has gone all time high in the last 6-7 months. During last year, 11,578 recruitments were made taking the total to 30,000 in three years. There has been highest ever air traffic at Jammu and Srinagar airports. Among all 4290 Panchayats, barring 8-10 where land is not available, every Panchayat has a playfield.

The J&K stood best in transparency and COVID management. fill in the gap between demand and supply of skilled workforce and to create a strong environment for professionals and technical skill development in Jammu and Kashmir, the Government has roped in prominent organisations like ICICI Foundation, Tata Technologies Ltd, Primal Foundation, Wipro, among others for working on upgrading skills of youth in the sectors having high employability potential like banking and financial services, digital marketing, media management etc.

Another initiative of stopping Durbar Move has saved Rs 400 crore expenditure every year by ending the bi-annual practice. Rs 1000 crore worth works on National Highways and tunnels are going on in Jammu and Kashmir while as Distance from Jammu to Srinagar has been reduced from 10 hours to five and half hours and after completion of some works, it will further come down to four and half hours to four hours.

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