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Lumpy Skin Disease

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In order to control Lumpy Skin Disease in Jammu and Kashmir, the government is monitoring the situation on the ground and has been reviewing the measures for controlling this disease.

Recently the Additional Chief Secretary (ACS), discussed the recommendations of the Department Of Animal Husbandry and Dairying, Government of India wherein the States and UTs were asked to go for mass vaccination and to ramp up testing.

Several powerpoint presentations were delivered wherein the status and controlling measures like vaccination, use of medicines, procurement of vaccines and sampling collections for testing were discussed in detail.

He received feedback, inputs and recommendations form the Task Force teams, experts and scientists alike in order to contain the spread of the disease in Jammu and Kashmir.

He enquired about the status of the action taken with respect to vaccination, ban on movement of animals, fogging, rapid response teams, public awareness besides, sampling & testing, disposal of dead animals etc.

He called upon the concerned to implement all the guidelines of Government of India in letter and spirit to contain the disease.

He impressed upon the officers to focus on vaccination of animals and migratory cattle in Behaks.

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