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Kejriwal to launch ‘Make India No. 1’ campaign from Haryana on Wednesday

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Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal will launch his party’s ‘Make India No. 1’, a campaign from Haryana on Wednesday.

Addressing a digital press briefing, Kejriwal said, “Together we have to make India the number 1 country in the world. We have to connect every countryman with this campaign. I am going to start this journey tomorrow from my birthplace Hisar in Haryana.”


Announcing his nationwide yatra, Kejriwal said that 130-crore people of the country dream to see India as a developed and No.1 country in the world.

“To make India the No.1 country in the world, we have to give an excellent education to our children and make schools all over the country great. This work should have started 75 years ago. But the good thing is that it has started now. We will do all this together. India will not stop now, “Kejriwal said.


Kejriwal further added, “Until every child receives quality education free of cost, the country cannot progress. In 1947, India became independent and we progressed in several sectors but it was a mistake to not set up excellent government schools in all villages. Had every child received quality education since independence, India would have achieved significant progress,” he said.

Addressing a press conference, Kejriwal added, “We have to make India number 1, together we will take India forward, to join this campaign, give a miss call on this number – 95 1000 1000.”

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