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Pink revolution

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Lavender cultivation has increased in the past few years across Jammu and Kashmir especially in the Jammu region, changing the lives of farmers.

The farmers who are cultivating lavender have been able to change their socio economic condition as the income has increased after they have gone for the pink revolution of lavender.

With the constant interventions of the J & K Government, Lavender cultivation has been amplified across J&K by implementation of various schemes which in turn has increased the farmers income by 4 to 5 times here.

Thousands of farmers in J&K are shifting to lavender cultivation which has proved very profitable for them. According to statistics, 5000 entrepreneurs/ farmers are cultivating lavender on more than 200 acres of land which has led to a 4 to 5 times increase in their economy. Farmers traditionally in J&K grew cereals such as maize, rice and millets which didn’t provide great returns but with lavender cultivation, their earnings have gone up several times.

Lavender cultivation, also called ‘Purple Revolution’, is an initiative of the Central government to improve the incomes of farmers in J&K. Many farmers have given up traditional farming and switched to lavender farming for profitability.

Traditional farming was not giving them good returns and they are now very happy with switching to lavender farming. Lavender farming also does not get much affected by less rainfall, with the result the farmers are not dependent on the rain.

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