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Education and changes

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With the implementation of new education policy there would be a complete change in the education system prevailing here. Recently Lieutenant Governor Manoj Sinha stressed on timely implementation of NEP-2020 saying that our prime focus should be to invite suggestions from all stakeholders and to remove the doubts.

He said the NEP has been created, for the first time in history, as a reflection of aspirations of the parents, teachers, students and education experts which aims to address the challenges for the coming generations.

He said the New Education Policy contains features of equity, quality, affordability, accountability and promotes individual development through experience based education and logical thinking.

The policy aims to recognize, identify and foster the unique capabilities of each student by sensitizing teachers as well as parents to promote each student’s holistic development in both academic and non-academic spheres. It envisions the changes to the current system which included moving towards multidisciplinary universities and colleges, with more HEIs across India that offer medium of instruction in local/Indian languages;  moving towards a more multidisciplinary undergraduate education; of moving towards faculty and institutional autonomy;  revamping curriculum, pedagogy, assessment, and student support of reaffirming the integrity of faculty and institutional leadership positions of establishment of a National Research Foundation,  governance of HEIs by independent boards having academic and administrative autonomy; “light but tight” regulation by a single regulator for higher education;  increased access, equity, and inclusion.

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