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After having the local panchayats, all the developmental activities have increased and even the drinking water quality is being checked through the local governance at the village level.

To empower the local community on water quality surveillance in J&K, Jal Shakti Department has embarked on a mission to identify and train 5 persons especially women in each village from the local community including ASHA workers, health workers, VWSC/ Pani Samiti members, teachers and SHG members to conduct water quality tests using FTKs/ bacteriological vials at the village level, schools and Anganwadi centres.

To install ‘sense of Ownership’ for the Piped water supply infrastructure in the community, J&K Jal Shakti Department under the banner of Jal Jeevan Mission has embarked on a mission to constitute Paani Samiti in every village.

The role of Pani Samitis is to implement the in-village piped water and related infrastructure development.

Pertinently, a central fund of Rs 2,747 crore has been allocated to Jammu and Kashmir in 2021-22 for implementation of Jal Jeevan Mission, which is nearly four times the allocation made during 2020-21.

The villagers now are getting trained to conduct water quality tests so that during the summer season there is no outbreak of any epidemic.

There are lot of waterborne disease which strike the villages during the summer season.

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