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Clear skies increase temperatures in Kashmir

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By: Tariq Shah VOV


As there is a prediction of clear skies in Jammu and Kashmir, the heat wave is increasing. There is an increase in the day and night temperatures in Jammu and Kashmir due to the clear skies.

June being the summer months is always hot but there has been a rise in temperatures right from the month of March here.

March and April this year witnessed a steep rise in the temperatures as there was very less wet weather in these two spring months.

However, in the month of May there were a lot of wet spells and heavy spells of rain which brought respite from the earlier heat wave.

Such a heat wave in the spring season is unusual for Kashmir valley and it will be having its impact on agriculture and horticulture according to experts.

Apart from this there were hail storms and thunderstorms which have destroyed the prospect of good yield of fruits in the horticulture sector.

Already the horticulturists and farmers have been demanding assessment of damages and compensation due to these hail storms in Kashmir.

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