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Annual calendar

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Recently the Chief Secretary of Jammu and Kashmir in a high level meeting asked the departments to prepare an annual calendar, indicating the list of the number of projects that can be completed in the next fiscal year along with the timelines for regular monitoring.

He asked the departments to ensure that monthly progress reports are regularly prepared and reviewed in the monthly meetings by the concerned secretaries for improving the administrative efficiencies.

He lauded the performance of the departments in completing more than 54,000 projects during the year 2021-22 and asked the department to ensure that at least 75,000 projects are completed during the current fiscal year.

He complimented the DDCs for successfully uploading the e-compendia on their websites and asked the department to complete uploading of e-compendia with search option facility within three days.

Saying that 90% district capex comprises CSSs, the Chief Secretary advised the DDCs to ensure that the district officers, who execute the schemes, on the ground are suitably sensitized about these schemes.

He further advised the DDCs to ensure the preparation of district sports plan, employment plan, agriculture plan etc for effective execution/monitoring of activities under these sectors.

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