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Chrari Sharief yet to be rebuilt on modern lines even after 27 years

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By: Aadil Shafi VOV


Even after 27 years, Chrari Sharief Shrine, Khanqah and adjoining locality is yet to get a modern facelift after the shrine and locality was burnt in a massive fire incident of 1995.

Although the main shrine of Chrari Sharief has been rebuilt on modern lines, the work is slow and it is yet to be completed totally. Similarly the old Khanqah which was built by medieval king Budshah in the central Asain architecture with wood and bricks, is yet to be completed as it was completely gutted in a 1995 fire incident.

Thousands of devotees come to Chrari Sharief on a daily basis and traditionally they used to stay in the homes of Rishis who used to live in the vicinity of the shrine.

Now they have been relocated three kilometers away from the shrine with the result most of the devotees come only for the day trip to the shrine of Chrari sharief.

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