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New investments

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The Government of Jammu and Kashmir has kept ready a very friendly investment policy to get new investments here. LG Manoj Sinha recently said that tremendous progress has been made in upgrading infrastructure, connectivity and a host of incentives are available for new investments.

Addressing the distinguished gathering of business leaders, he congratulated the award-winning family businesses and said that the award is a fitting tribute to traditional business families of the country, who have been serving as the backbone of India’s prosperity. There is an emerging perception that the new generation with their dynamism will add to the growing economic success.

“There are many examples of such business families who with humble beginnings, hard work and honest relations have laid the foundations of future enterprises and nurtured the country’s economy. They are the pioneers of the Indian economy and were vital in providing stability and strength to the development of the country before and after economic liberalization.

If we are moving towards becoming a 5-Trillion Dollar Economy, it is also because of the traditional business houses which have contributed by shaping the Indian economy, creating employment, empowering the community and entrepreneurial spirit in the country. He said that he has rapidly renovated every sector of the Indian economy through various reforms since 2014. India has emerged as the economic superpower of the world in the last 8 years. Despite Covid pandemic and global instability, the International Monetary Fund has kept India’s GDP growth projection at 8.2%, which is higher than many other big economies of the world.

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