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Post covid scenario

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The two waves of pandemic have not only alerted the government but they have been able to enhance the health care facilities here.

In this direction after the covid scenario, oxygen production capacity was enhanced from 14916 to 90300 lpm in J&K post Covid 19.

Similarly health wings have added 87 oxygen plants in 2 years to handle impending health challenges here.

Jammu and Kashmir government’s prompt response and multi pronged strategies towards tackling the global pandemic, COVID-19, has not only been able to flatten the epidemic curve swiftly but strengthened emergency health services manifold to meet impending health challenges more proficiently.

J&K administration with the dint of its professional manpower and strategic planning achieved this success by developing clear guidelines for the public, conducting comprehensive testing, contact tracing and supporting people in quarantine to make compliance easier.

J&K administration and a good support from Government of India, the JK dispensation had been able to enhance its oxygen production capacity from 14916 lpm in August, 2020 to 90300 lpm capacity at present. The UT had 24 oxygen plants in August, 2020 and 87 more plants had been added since then.

As Covid cases started surging, J&K like other states found itself struggling to contain the pandemic in all its forms. As the second wave struck, the demand for medical oxygen soared and tragic scenes unfolded with people struggling to access the life saving commodity.

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