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Ancient Khanqahi Sokhta at Nawa Kadal not being repaired

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By: Mudasir Khan VOV


Khanaqahi Sokhta at Nawa Kadal in Downtown Srinagar is in a very deplorable condition with no attention from the government. Downtown Srinagar remained the seat of power in the medieval period and Dedmar in the ancient times was up to the present at Nawa Kadal areas.

According to the sources of history, Khanaqahi Sokhta was constructed during the time of Hazrat Ameer Kabir (R.A) in one of the fire incidents this center of meditation and prayers was damaged and since then it has got its name as Khanaqahi Sokhta.

Being the heritage and treasures of our ancients times, Khanaqahi Sokhta at Nawa Kadal needs the attention of the government so that it is preserved as a treasure of archeology for the future generations.

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