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Aggrieved drivers in Ganderbal allege manhandling and corruption

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By: Sofi Ayaz VOV


Many drivers have leveled serious allegations against the officials who are posted in the ARTO Ganderbal office, especially one inspector and have appealed to the government to probe their assets so that truth comes to the surface.

Drivers allege manhandling by ARTO Ganderbal officials while as ARTO said that they were trying to block the work of the officials resulting in a scuffle.

Talking to media the aggrieved drivers said that one of them was beaten up and they had come for the weight increase of the vehicles but the inspector in the ARTO office of Ganderbal has not allowed them to get their work done.

The aggrieved have leveled serious allegations of corruption against the ARTO Ganderbal officials and have requested CBI and other agencies to probe into the assets of the officials who are presently posted in Ganderbal.

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