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Transporters to observe strike on Wednesday in J&K

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By: Mudasir Khan VOV


Passenger transport industry has been suffering in the past few years in a massive manner due to the clampdowns and lockdowns. The transport industry in Jammu and Kashmir has been worst hit and they were expecting some relief from the government if not a package for their survival.

They have been demanding some package and at least an amnesty from all the taxes including passenger tax and insurance etc. so that they can at least first survive due to the previous jolts.

J&K transporters have decided to go for a strike Wednesday to press their demands before the government. Transporters say that they have suffered post August 5, 2019 till date due to the clampdowns and lockdowns.

Despite being the worst hit the government has been demanding passenger tax, fitness and insurance from the owners in order to be back on wheels on the streets of Jammu and Kashmir.

Transporters are demanding amnesty to the taxes and also some relief to the transport industry as they have a lot of debt due to the fact that the covid lockdowns have broken the back of this industry.

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