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Completion of works

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Reforms and new fiscal order in Jammu and Kashmir has accelerated the developmental works and many of them have been completed within the timeline.

In this direction in the recent past, unprecedented push by the authorities have resulted in increase in completion of works

Riding on an ongoing cross cutting reform push, has placed J&K in the enviable company of best performing states/UTs in the country.

There is not only a buzz within, but also outside the J&K, and this image makeover is resulting in positive spinoffs.

Investors’ confidence and willingness to invest in J&K is a telltale sign of the confidence that the ongoing reforms are inspiring amongst those who have capital and are looking for a place to invest.

Investors come calling only when they trust that systems in a state/ UT to respond to their concerns and needs on a real time basis.

Public institutions are now responsive, and J&K has suddenly become a beacon of hope.

It would not be possible without a rule based order, which places a premium on transparency, equity and accountability.

Unprecedented development that has taken place all around in J&K is giving a lie to the long propagated notion in J&K  that for accelerating development, systems need to be junked and that adherence to the laws can choke and throttle growth. It is becoming increasingly evident that such a notion was largely propagated for self interest.

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