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Digital transformation

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The government of Jammu and Kashmir is trying to go for digital transformation in all the wings of the administration and in this direction recently the Chief Secretary reviewed the Capex of Revenue department.

He asked the officers to Speed up digitization and switch to mobile governance. He has said that due to the digital transformation now, Fard Intikhab/Mutation will be given online soon to the people interested to get it.

He urged strengthening of the complaint/grievance redressal system in the revenue department so that complaints of the people are minimized on ground.

He said that the ongoing digital transformation of revenue administration will bring openness and speed in the decision making and improve the delivery of service in the next three months.

He said that the issues of land demarcation and incorporation of new entries in the land records have always been the cause of concern and the ongoing digitization of land records will fully address these concerns.

He also said that adoption of digital technologies in the revenue department will facilitate online provision of fard intikhabs and mutations and also ensure that no transaction is done in the land records of the land owners without their knowledge.

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