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JK Bank officers allege non transparency in recent promotions

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By: Mudasir Khan VOV


Some of J&K Bank officers, who were due to get promoted have said that in the recent process, the bank authorities have not been transparent in their method of selection and have submitted their memorandum to Managing Director and CEO of J&K Bank Baldev Prakash. They have alleged that the CEO should reconsider the entire selection process so that the aggrieved officers are also promoted on their merit.

All India Jammu & Kashmir bank officers organization in its memorandum to CEO and Managing Director of J&K Bank has mentioned about the results of two such cadres, where the declared results have aggrieved many deserving officers to get promoted.

In its memorandum they have said that in the recent promotion list declared “whereby officers from Scale IV have been promoted to Scale V and officers from Scale I have been promoted to Scale II”.

They have demanded that the career progression policy should be made public and transparent as they are not aware about the mode of selection for the promotion prescribed in the new policy.

They have alleged that clandestinely, the bank authorities have made some changes in the promotion policy and have kept those changes to themselves to favor their blue eyed officers and have by such attitude brought the deserving officers on the path of protests.

After the selection process, all those officers who have been promoted along with those officers who have not been promoted have not idea that on what basis the decision has been taken by the competent authority of the bank either to promote them or to reject their promotion.

 “Although nothing is in public arena regarding conduct of all this process due to lack of transparency but it has been speculated by many that APR marks were considered as merit deciding basis which was never ever done before in the Bank as the APR system in the Bank is totally vague and subjective in nature without any structured format or scientific criterion to decide for merit of candidature of any officer in the Bank,” the Association has said in its memorandum to CEO and Managing Director of J&K Bank.

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