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Srinagar Municipality to go for complete ban on polythene, seek public cooperation

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By: Mudasir Khan VOV


In order to ban polythene use in the city of Srinagar, Srinagar Municipality has decided to go for a massive campaign against its use and in due course of time they will also take action under rules against the violators.

Talking to Voice of Valley Commissioner Srinagar Municipality Athar Amir said that it is the collective responsibility of both Municipality and the people of Srinagar to keep the city polythene free.

He said that without the cooperation of common people such initiatives cannot succeed and has appealed to the people of Srinagar to help the Municipality to curb the use of polythene here.

Srinagar Municipality seeks public cooperation to make the city and its peripheries polythene free. Commissioner Srinagar Municipality Athar Amir while talking to Voice of Valley has appealed people to cooperate in imposing complete ban on the use of polythene in the city.

He said that he has decided to start a massive drive in Srinagar city against the use of polythene and has initiated it by announcing through the SMC vehicles that those people who are using polythene would be fined under law in the coming months.

There is a demand from the general public also that the government should impose a ban on the import of polythene to the Kashmir valley and stop it at the source.

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