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More fault lines are visible now in Jammu and Kashmir post second draft by Delimitation Commission

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By: Tariq Shah VOV


After the objections filed by the associate members of Delimitation Commission for the correction in the draft, there is palpable fear among the people in those areas where the commission has recommended redrawing of boundaries both for assembly and parliamentary segments.

There are many objections which are valid according to the political parties who have objected to the redrawing of boundaries and now the media reports have said that the commission has decided to relook at their draft and also include some recommendations by the sitting MPs of Jammu and Kashmir.

Dr. Farooq Abdullah who is a Former  Chief Minister and a sitting MP from Srinagar has said that in the second draft the Delimitation Commission has tried to help BJP to gain more seats in Jammu  region and said that such redrawing of the boundaries is not acceptable.

It is in place to mention that after the second draft of the recommendations by the Delimitation Commission were circulated among the sitting MPs, National Conference which has three MPs who are associate members of the commission have filed their objections and they hope that the Delimitation Commission will pay head to all their concerns.

All the regional parties barring few, especially BJP have objected to the proposal of redrawing the assembly segments especially Poonch, Rajouri, Doda and Kishtwar.

National Conference and PDP have said that all such recommendations by the Delimitation Commission will only help BJP and they are very keen to do it so that they can get their own Chief Minister in case such segments are redrawn and they will realize their dream to take the control of Jammu and Kashmir by ballot.

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