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Extra water being unplugged from river Jhelum at Veir to regulate water in Jhelum

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By: Mudasir Khan VOV


After the recent rains and snow the monitoring wing of Flood and Irrigation Department has decided to unplug the extra water at Chattabal Veir in order to regulate the water level so that there is no damage inflicted on the houseboats especially in the Srinagar city.

The government always monitors the water level within the river Jhelum especially in the Srinagar city in order to save the houseboats from damage during the autumn and winter seasons.

Chattabal Veir is unplugged on Saturday to allow the surplus water from river Jhelum to flow further as it is plugged during autumn in order to maintain a water level in river Jhelum especially from Chattabal to South Kashmir as the water levels are very low during autumn and winters in this river.

Talking to Voice of Valley the officials of Irrigation and Flood Control department said that due to the recent rains and snow the water levels have gone high in the river Jhelum and now they are trying to bring these levels down.  They said that they monitor the water level in the river Jhelum especially in the month of March and regulate it by unplugging the extra water out from the river Chattabal veir.

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