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Water logging and traffic jams irk people in Srinagar city

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By: Mudasir Khan VOV


In Srinagar city people have complained that water logging on the roads and in the low lying localities has resulted in difficulties for them to come out for their routine work.

The government has been very busy in doing the required de-watering but most of the people have told media outlets that they should come on the roads and see for themselves the difficulties being faced by the common people.

Water logging and traffic jams were witnessed in the entire Srinagar city on Thursday after the heavy snowfall. At many places, the authorities have pressed into service their men to set right the drainage system while as due to the waterlogging on the roads; it is very difficult for the vehicles and the pedestrians to pass through the roads of Srinagar.

In many low-lying localities of Srinagar city, people have not been able to move out due to the water logging.

Potholes in the roads at different places have also resulted in water logging and traffic jams and people faced difficulties throughout the day while moving out for their daily work in Srinagar city.

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