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Voice for Peace and Justice Celebrated International Mother Language Day at Ganderbal

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By: Sofi Ayaz VOV


Promotion of Kashmiri language was the theme of Program.

The voice for Peace and Justice (NGO) in collaboration with Jammu & Kashmir Youth Development forum today celebrated International mother language day with the theme “Promotion of Kashmiri language at Town Hall Ganderbal” which was attended by dozens of people including scholars and professors , Kashmir. students, civil soci ety members and other intellectuals from various nook and corners of During the function Voice for Peace and Justice released Calendar for the year of 2022 in Kashmiri language in order to reach every household with the scripted Kashmiri Language was also played during the function to promote Kashmiri language. . The Sufiyana music Speaking on the occasion a renowned Kashmiri literature expert Prof. Mohammad Zaman Az said it’s very unfortunate our mother tongue Kashmiri is at the verge of exti nction and we urda Kashmiris are responsible for the same. While as stressed on revival of Kashmir language as the Kashmiri is pious in itself which is connected to the hearts of millions of people. While as Prof. Shahid Rasool, director department of mass c ommunication and journalism Kashmir University thanked voice for peace and Justice and Jammu and Kashmir Youth Development forum for leaving a milestone after organising this kind of program. It is first kind of program where Kashmiri’s are given a chance to promote and preserve our mother tongue. He further added that unfortunately we extracted the Sufism from our language while Sufism was the main promoter and representative of Kashmiri language. The Kashmiri language represents peace brotherhood and comm unal harmony. The need of an hour is to promote Kashmiri language at School and college levels as well. He added. Adding a vote of thanks the president of the organisation and renowned social activist Farooq Ganderbali in his speech said. Kashmiri language is our identity but unfortunately through a proper strategy from cross border for fading our language is under operation to ruin our cultural fabrics and decades long identity. Voice for peace and Justice and Jammu and Kashmir Youth Development forum is o n forefront for revival of Sufism, Kashmiri language, communal harmony and brotherhood. We are duty bound morally to work continuously for the same. He thanked participants for showing interest for revival of Kashmiri language. Prof. Shahbaz Hakbari, Prof. Fayaz Ahmad Nikka, Dr Sajad Ahmad, Gh. Rasool Kamri, President Kashmiri poet association, Syed Abid Gowhar, President Civil society Kashmir Altaf Ahmad, Shehreyar Dar, Zeeshan Farooq Dar, Ajaz Kawoosi, Ishfaq Ahmad Khan, Chairman Hilltop Educational Insti tute Ganderbal, Bilal Ahmad Bhat Social Activist and others were among the speakers. Certificates, Kashmiri Shawls medals and other prizes were distributed to guests and participants.

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