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Artists perform a street show to discourage domestic violence

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By: Aadil Shafi VOV


In order to educate people to respect women and to desist from domestic violence, an NGO White Globe on Saturday organized a street show by the artist to convey this message.

During this Nukad Natak at Regal Chowk in Srinagar city, many artists played their role in this street drama attracting people to watch them. This has been one of the first such street shows organized in Srinagar city by the artists.

Lot of artists after the show told the media that they were happy to be a part of this Natak and they would love to do more such shows in Kashmir valley so that domestic violence is discouraged.

There have been some incidents in the recent past in which there were allegations of domestic violence against women and some of the cases also caught the media attention.

Those artists who participated in the Nukad Natak at Regal Chowk on Saturday include Shabir Hakak, Hilal ahmad  and Bashir Kotur along with many young artists.


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