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In order to provide good governance and to provide efficiency in the administration, different wings of the government in Jammu and Kashmir have tried to give more and more online facilities. In this direction Mining Department of Jammu and Kashmir said that it will promote competence & competition by going online

Good governance not only means continuous monitoring and promulgation of stringent laws for bringing efficiency at every layer of administration but also bringing ease in availing services at door steps by people.

Among dozens of measures taken since the last 2 years, the department of Geology and Mining also has its share of reforms to streamline its functioning. It not only brought respite to common masses but enhanced the revenue of the government exponentially by taking a plethora of measures towards transparency and healthy competition.

With the same objective of promoting healthy competition and transparency in allotment of minor mineral blocks, the Department of Mining, switched over from open auction to e-auctioning.

The department has e-auctioned a total of 384 minor mineral blocks and issued a Letter of Intent (LoI) to 374 allottees. Moreover the department has also granted 133 mining leases, 08 leases to PSUs, 21 STPs, 03 Quarry Licenses and 03 private mining leases.



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