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Local Dairy farmers of Ganderbal protest that people are using only packed milk

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By: Sofi Ayaz VOV


Dairy farmers of Ganderbal especially from the Lar area in protest have thrown their milk into the water bodies as the people according to them are preferring to get the packed milk from the markets which is coming from outside and are not using the milk from their farms.

They have said that due to the behavior of the people and discouragement of the government they have been forced to incur heavy losses due to the packaged milk which is available in every shop in the villages.

According to KNT in its news report on Saturday it said as follows.

Dairy farmers from Central Kashmir’s Ganderbal district incur losses due to the influx of ‘Pasteurized Milk’ in the markets.

On Saturday, dairy farmers were seen emptying their milk canes on the ground in Lar area of the district after they failed to sell it in the market. Some of the affected farmers say that people don’t buy milk from them anymore as they prefer packed milk.

“We don’t know the reason behind all this, but what we have observed is that scores of vehicles from outside enter into markets and supply the packed milk to shopkeepers,” said one of the dairy farmers.

An elderly woman who runs a dairy farm told news agency Kashmir News Trust that she is not mulling to sell her cows as she is unable to sell the milk. “I can’t feed my cows anymore as it involves a lot of expenditure,” she said.

The milk producers of the district alleged that authorities didn’t respond despite taking up the matter with them. “We had gone to meet to DC Ganderbal who told us to get in touch with ADC but ADC concerned never met us and we left his office with gloomy faces,” they said.

They said that milk is being produced as usual but the people (consumers) who used to buy from us now prefer packed milk from markets.

There are many milk manufacturing companies in Kashmir that supply their pasteurized milk in pouch-packed to make it conveniently available to the consumers.

Some dairy farmers who sell open milk are often being accused of selling adulterated milk to consumers, as a result, they have lost credibility among people. On the, other hand milk-producing companies claim that Pasteurized Milk meets the PFA (Prevention of Food Adulteration Act) standards which aim to protect the public from poisonous and harmful foods, prevent the sale of substandard foods, and protect the interests of the consumers by eliminating fraudulent practices.

With KNT inputs

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