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In order to introduce new techniques in education the government is very keen under the NEP-2020 to give fresh inputs for the people so that they can take the advantage of new policies on the ground.

Recently the government of Jammu and Kashmir said that they will go for effective implementation of NEP-2020 to push for systematically improving the indices of the teaching-learning process.

Government has asked its officials to devise institutional mechanisms to assess performance of teachers periodically.

Government asked the officers of the School Education Department to work in the direction of systematically improving the different indices in teaching-learning process besides effective implementation of National Education Policy-2020 (NEP-2020) across the schools of UT of Jammu and Kashmir.

There are set parameters devised by different national and international bodies to assess the teaching-learning outcomes. They should not restrict their activities to surveys only but work for improving the overall outcomes using the finding of these surveys.

The department held specific training sessions for each group of teachers as per their ability and requirements, Advisor to LG advised them to set a target of pushing each of them to a certain standard of quality for better learning outcomes among pupils they teach.

He asked the officers to assess the fruitfulness of training sessions by assessing the capacity building of each trainee. He asked them to devise an institutional mechanism of assessing performance and abilities of teachers that is simultaneously reformative in nature.

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