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COVID-19 resurgence: Asymptomatic, mild symptomatic act super spreaders, say experts

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Contacts, family of positive person must remain in isolation for 7 days: HoD CM, GMC

Srinagar, Jan 28: Amid the steep surge in Covid-19, people who are infected but are having mild or no symptoms act as super spreaders, experts said on Friday.

Experts said that many people who become infected develop cough, fever and loss of taste and smell, while others have no symptoms.

“It is vital to understand the percentage of people who are affected with less symptoms and whether such ‘silent spreaders’ are fuelling the pandemic,” they said.

Experts said that a dangerous trend is setting among people with either no or mild symptoms, as they don’t go for testing but are self medicating and roaming freely.

“These persons roam freely, and become the super spreaders of the virus as they infect dozens of people with whom they talk and come in contact,” they said.

Dr Salim Khan Head of Department Community Medicine at GMC Srinagar while talking with the news agency—Kashmir News Observer (KNO) said that if one positive case is found in any family, his family members and other contacts with symptoms must remain in isolation for around seven days.

“The asymptomatic or mild symptomatic positive persons are continuing their activities normally and meeting dozens of people on a daily basis becomes the main reason for their spread presently,” Khan said.

Doctors said that people whenever they feel any symptom must go for testing and should isolate themselves.

“People must continue to follow CAB at this time. No one knows who is virus carrier and most positive patients have either no or mild symptoms,” they said—(KNO)

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