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COVID situation

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Due to the alarming COVID situation which has been prevailing in Jammu and Kashmir due to the Omicron variant the government has activated all its limbs to fight back and to provide respite to the common people who are being infected by it.

In this direction there have been series of review meetings held by the government and they have passed on directions to the all district heads of how to tackle the spread of the infection in their respective districts and also gave them directions of how to declare micro containment zones in all those localities where the number of infections have increased.

Recently the Chief Secretary of Jammu and Kashmir reviewed COVID situation in Jammu and Kashmir.

He reviewed the rising COVID cases in Jammu and Kashmir and directed the strict implementation of CAB and set protocols to break the chain of transmission.

Jammu and Kashmir is also witnessing a rise in COVID cases, which has necessitated strict observance of CAB, COVID SOPs, and protocols by the general public, especially in public places.

Omicron variant is maintaining a high transmission, raising the weekly positivity rate from 0.5% to 5.4% over the previous fortnight; the oxygen bed occupancy and ICU bed occupancy are currently at a comfortable level of 7.7% and 14.0%, respectively. It was given out that the healthcare facilities have been ramped up and are in a state of readiness to cater to any eventualities.

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