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Wet weather and spike in covid cases, restrict public movement in Srinagar

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By: Tariq Shah VOV


Wet weather on Wednesday coupled with spike in the covid-19 cases especially in the wake of Omicron variant had restricted the movement of general public on the roads and Srinagar and very few people were seen on the roads and the traffic was also absent to great extent.

On Boulevard road few students were seen braving the rains with their umbrellas going for the private tuition while the families living within the Dal Lake were also using the boats to go back home.

In Srinagar most of the shopkeepers were waiting for the customers with very thin traffic and rush. Many of them were seen trying to warm themselves up with the help of fire which they had lit on the road.

These are some of the pictures taken on Wednesday by our Photographer.

Pic by Tariq Shah VOV

Pic by Tariq Shah VOV

Pic by Tariq Shah VOV

Pic by Tariq Shah VOV

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