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Omicron variant

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Although the Omicron variant is spreading very fast, it has a silver lining that it does not require a lot of hospitalization as compared to the Delta variant.  The government of Jammu and Kashmir in the recent past has held series of review meetings in order to review the preparedness of health care response to this new variant.

Recently after a review meeting J&K Chief Secretary, emphasized that Omicron has a growth advantage over the delta variant and as such requires ardent mitigation and containment measures from an early stage, preferably when the positivity rate breaks out the 10% benchmark.

He appealed to the public to raise their guard and remain cautious and vigilant to the infection since it has a high rate of transmission and can infect a larger group of people over shorter periods.

It remains the social and moral responsibility of every citizen to be responsible for themselves and those around them; they must exercise due diligence against any symptom of infection in the interest of their family members as well as that of society at large.

People were further appealed to avoid visiting crowded places and all symptomatic persons to appropriately isolate themselves and seek medical assistance, if required. In the event of non-availability of home isolation, institutional isolation facilities can be availed.

He directed immediate activation of emergency control rooms and decentralized COVID war rooms and re-activation of Panchayat level isolation facilities and COVID Care Centres to contain the rural spread of the disease.

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