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Sunshine brings life back to normal in Srinagar and around Dal Lake

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By: Tariq Shah VOV


On Boulevard Road and around Dal Lake there have been a lot of activities by the people and the tourists there by showing that life is back to normal after the recent snowfall due to the bright sunshine on Tuesday.

The sunshine brought out children and aged also to bask under the warmth as the previous days were very cold due to the snowfall in Srinagar and other parts of Kashmir.

The Shikara Wallas have put the rooftops of their Shikaras back on every Ghat of Dal Lake and are waiting for the people and tourists to come and have a ride over the waters of Dal Lake.

Sunshine of Tuesday has given life a new dimension everywhere in Srinagar city as most of the shops and other commercial establishments were busy with people who were doing the required shopping.

On Tuesday afternoon, Tariq Shah took some pictures around Dal Lake and in the other parts of Srinagar city to show how life came to normal.

Pic by Tariq Shah VOV

Pic by Tariq Shah VOV

Pic by Tariq Shah VOV

Pic by Tariq Shah VOV

Pic by Tariq Shah VOV

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