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More infrastructures

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Health sector in Jammu and Kashmir is expanding with each passing day and the government is on an upgradation drive so that the patients get the best care in the government run hospitals.

Recently LG Manoj Sinha inaugurated an upgraded facility at pediatric cancer ward & children’s play area at SMGS Hospital of Jammu.

He said that the government is building a strong well-developed public health care system that aims to ensure the highest possible level of health and well-being of people.

Sparkle Women Club is a living example of how selfless service can make a real contribution, a profound difference in our society and the existence of this club shows that the services for the human kind do not go waste.

Those who choose to serve the disadvantaged unconditionally are doing greater service to humanity and even the nongovernmental organizations can play a part along with the government to provide a better health care system for the common people in Jammu and Kashmir.

As the Omicron virus showing its presence everywhere including in Jammu it has triggered a lot of concerns among the common people amid fears of third Covid wave, the government needs active participation of communities and healthcare workers in prevention efforts.

People should adhere to the CAB so that there are less chances of new Omicron variants to attack the common people and this is the only way apart from vaccination to save our lives from such infections.


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