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In these winter days, the demand and supply of power is a problem and the government is trying to streamline the system so that common people do not get any kind discomfort by unscheduled cuts. Recently Div Com reviewed Power Scenario in Kashmir and directed officers to adhere to power curtailment schedule, avoid unscheduled Power cuts and restore damaged transformers in time. There have been complaints in the media that in many areas the damaged transformers have not been replaced resulting in a lot of difficulties to the population especially to the aged and children. He reviewed steps taken by PDD in advance for winter preparedness including dumping of advance material like poles and conductors, buffer stock of distribution transformers, working of divisional workshops in double shifts, preventive maintenance of receiving stations and swift restoration teams for prompt clearance of faults. He directed concerned officers to adhere to the issued curtailment schedule and avoid unscheduled power cuts so the general public doesn’t face inconvenience during the winter. Besides, Div Com directed officers to conduct reparation work during the curtailment hours so consumers will not have to suffer due to absence of electricity for long hours. He directed concerned officers to communicate to the public through media in advance about any maintenance work to be carried out in any area so there would be no crisis. Further, he also reviewed the district wise metered and non-metered curtailment schedule in the valley.

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