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Recovery project

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There is brisk progress in the Tawi recovery project which was started after the floods of 2014. Recently Divisional Commissioner Jammu held a meeting and reviewed the progress of all the projects of importance.

During the meeting he said that Emergency Response Support System (ERSS) of Police Control Room (PCR) is integrated into DSS and all incidents related to natural hazards, fire, accidents reported in ERSS will be directly reflected in DSS, in addition to the provision of reporting incidents on call or mobile application by any field officer.

Once the incident is authenticated by the staff at the district control room, an auto generated call alert will go to the registered mobile phone of all the Incident Response Team (IRT) members informing them about the incident.

The call will go to Tehsil level or District level IRT based on the severity level of the incident. For instance, a local road accident will be reported to Tehsil level of IRT while a flood hazard affecting more than one Tehsil will be initiated by the IRT of the district.

The ESF departments will subsequently get service requests based on field requirements via SMS and ESF once dispatch service and can update this using the link in the SMS. The District authorities can monitor the status of service requests and status online and can augment the resources quickly, if the situation demands.

The DSS also has national and global warming feeds, a historic event database and UT’s baseline information from various sources in a single platform for the decision makers.

The key dashboards of DSS are Preparedness and Mitigation, Hazard monitoring, Emergency Response module, Damage Assessment etc.

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