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Footpaths being occupied in Lal Chowk by the hawkers

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By: Mudasir Khan VOV


Government has recently shifted most of the hawkers to the relocated place in Lal Chowk so that the footpaths are left open for the people to walk.

On the Amira Kadal bridge, there is not only a mess of traffic with little regulation even the hundreds of people who have to walk over the bridge suffer as most of the area of the footpaths has been occupied by hawkers selling different items.

People are suffering as the authorities are looking the other way on such a problem even on the Amira Kadal Bridge. Pedestrians have no space to walk over due to the occupation of the footpaths by these hawkers.

Government has relocated these hawkers many times in the past and has given them even the shops but they reappear on the footpaths again with the items forcing the pedestrians to look for other pathways in Lal Chowk.

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