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Gulmarg Lit-Fest

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Gulmarg Lit-Fest is the latest outreach for Kashmir to be the destination not only for the tourists but also for the literature. Recently LG Manoj Sinha addressed Gulmarg Lit-Fest and said that Kashmir has always been a land of rich literary tradition; a creative powerhouse to some of the world’s greatest creations of literature.

He said that literature is in the lap of Jammu and Kashmir and the people who have contributed in this field could do it only because of the environment around them which gave them the platform to express themselves.

Gulmarg Lit-Fest is an effort from the J&K Government to promote literary talent and revive the culture in true sense and this festival will go a long way to re-introduce Kashmir with the rest of literary organizations and the people who are contributing in this field.

Government has initiated a tailor-made program under Mission Youth to support and mentor the young writers of J&K so that they get the required platform to show their talent especially at a young age.

In the Gulmarg Lit-Fest, renowned literary personalities, acclaimed writers, emerging poets, intellectuals across the country have participated. During the festival they have discussed & analyzed several aspects of literary traditions during the festival.

Such festivals will go a long way to give the literature and the literary figures their due place in Jammu and Kashmir and will also reconnect the local poets and intellectuals with the rest of such personalities and allow them to grow further.

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