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PAGD opposes creation of SIA, called it to strengthen repressive measure in J&K

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 Peoples Alliance for Gupkar Declaration (PAGD) on Tuesday alleged that creation of State Investigating Agency (SIA) in Jammu and Kashmir is only aimed to strengthen the repressive apparatus in the region.
Spokesperson of the PAGD M Y Tarigami in a statement alleged that latest decision of the administration in Jammu and Kashmir to create state SIA by all counts is only aimed to strengthen the repressive measures in the region.
PAGD, an alliance of several regional political parties in Jammu and Kashmir, called the  formation of one more agency empowered with unbridled powers is one more assault on democratic rights and civil liberties of citizens.
In the name of fighting terrorism these agencies and laws are being weaponised against the citizens who hold a different viewpoint from the government, the statement said.
“What was the need  to add one more such agency”, the spokesperson questioned and added when already NIA and UAPA  have created havoc  among the people by gross misuse of these draconian measures. Jammu and Kashmir  is a political issue and needs a political outreach.
He said, the urgent requirement is to provide relief  to the people and  not  any addition to such harsh measures which are bound to  deepen their alienation.
PAGD had opposed all such laws in the past and will do so in future as well, the spokesperson said and added even eminent jurists in the country have expressed resentment over the draconian laws being passed by the government in the name of fighting terrorism.
He said. these laws can be wielded as a weapon against opponents. The fight to defend democracy must encompass the struggle to get rid of these draconian laws, he said.

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