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Chill and winter like conditions force people to look for woolens

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By: Mudasir Khan VOV


The fresh chill and winter-like conditions prevailing in Kashmir valley after the recent heavy spell of rains and snow has forced the residents to look for woolens in the markets so as to save themselves from the cold.

The dip in temperatures post rains and snow in this month of October has brought winter-like conditions much earlier than usual.

Most of the people in Srinagar city were looking for woolen clothes in order to save themselves from the cold and there was a lot of rush in the markets as the residents were busy buying the winter clothes.

Apart from the clothes, the residents of Srinagar and other parts of Kashmir were also looking for other needs of the winter like kerosene oil, charcoal, kangris and polythene which they use to cover their windows from outside to save themselves from the cold winds.

The untimely snow in the higher reaches and also in those rural areas which are very close to mountains has already set the winter in these areas with elderly people and children remaining indoors to save themselves from the cold wave.

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